The first annual Private Debt Day as an independent private debt company was a big success. We welcomed over 125 relations and had very interesting presentations of Philip Kok (The Valley) and David Jonkers (Bright River). We thank everyone for their attendance and look forward to meet again.


Doors open and welcome



Lars van 't Hoenderdaal (Managing Partner Pride)

Lars will elaborate on the private debt market as well as the recent developments and the expectations for the future of Pride Capital Partners.


Philip Kok (CEO The Valley)

The Valley is marketing and communication company and already since 2015 in the portfolio of Pride Capital Partners. The Valley assisted us with the rebranding and design of the new logo. Philip will lead us through the customer journey of The Valley and Pride.


David Jonkers (CEO Bright River)

Visual content optimization company Bright River recently attracted a mezzanine loan to finance its international growth strategy. David will tell more about the business of Bright River and why he chose to finance the growth with a mezzanine.


Networking drinks


Lars van 't Hoenderdaal

Lars founded Main Capital Partners in 1997 and was later joined by his friend and former colleague Charly Zwemstra. In 2014 Lars initiated Main Mezzanine Capital as an alternative financing provider. After several deals, opening a German team and raising a first fund, Pride Capital Partners was officially born in 2018.

Philip Kok

CEO The Valley

David Jonkers

CEO Bright River

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