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Building Powerful Brands with Effective Digital Marketing


But how is it possible to effectively build a sustainable brand that creates awareness and loyalty in the end?

In this article we will show effective strategies to implement effective marketing methods with the help of our four portfolio companies moveXM, Spotzer Digital, eKomi and Bluefield who are active in the field of digital marketing / marketing technology.

Create awareness and a positive first impression!

The first step in building a powerful brand is creating brand awareness. The first online touchpoint of a customer with a company is mostly the companies website. The website needs to offer relevant content to the customer, increasing the probability of staying on the website for a longer period. But first the customer needs to find the website. Our portfolio company Spotzer Digital offers digital marketing solutions including SEO optimized white label websites. Those websites have a higher probability of getting found online, increasing the performance of the website.

To increase awareness even further, it is important to get the customer to know the companies offerings / products. Effective marketing campaigns include, amongst others, paid advertisings. Our portfolio company Bluefield provides a platform that makes it possible to get access to the necessary resources, to buy media through different channels and to get access to relevant marketing and media companies that can support companies in running effective marketing campaigns. As a result customers have one central point to get insights in their marketing efforts and do not need multiple marketing agencies anymore.

Positive customer experiences build a loyal customer base!

A powerful brand with a loyal customer base also offers an integrated customer experience throughout all touchpoints of the customer journey. Every department of the company needs to be on the same track to offer the customer a unified shopping / purchase experience to ensure a integrated brand communication. To track the appearance of a brand at every customer touchpoint it is important to constantly collect and analyze feedback in order to identify areas of improvement and to enhance the customer experience. Our portfolio company moveXM offers a platform that exactly offers this use case. Through moveXM, companies can measure, analyze and improve the customer satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey. A similar use case is offered by eKomi. Through their rating system, customers can evaluate a companies performance. By constantly collecting feedback, companies can take the correct measures to improve customer satisfaction and even more importantly increase customer loyalty to ensure the long-term success of the company.

Want to know more? Join us in Frankfurt!

This was only a first introduction in measures to build a powerful brand that serves a loyal customer base. If you would like to know more about digital marketing strategies that can increase your companies success, feel free to join our first Pride Capital Marketing Tech Event on Thursday November 18 at the Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt am Main. Our four portfolio companies introduced in this article will share their insights in effective digital marketing strategies.

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