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GBC Gruppe and Comp-Pro set to join forces


IT services company "Comp-Pro", founded in 2001 with locations in Bremen, Oldenburg, Nienburg  and Hanover, currently employs 68 people and has been one of the leading companies in the field of DATEV and cloud telephony. In addition, Comp-Pro's service portfolio also includes the classic service areas such as cloud and on-premise infrastructure as well as IT security, managed services and IT security technology. The owner-managed company has grown solidly over the past few years and has gained a reputation as a comprehensive technology partner with its customer base.

Tobias Geisinger (CEO & Co-Founder of GBC Gruppe): "For us, the partnership with Comp-Pro represents another milestone. I do not only see a content-related and geographical added value for GBC, but also the enrichment by many more great people who believe in our common strategy and with whom we join forces!

"We are proud of our history as a classic IT company with northern German virtues that is valued as a strategic and innovative partner by its customers. With GBC Gruppe we now have more partners at our side, with whom we can enrich our services and our future portfolio, so that we can continue to provide our customers with the right solutions for the challenges of digitalization", Ihno Jürjens (Founder and Co-CEO of Comp-Pro).

"Adapting to the demands of the market as an organization and permanently developing further is of great importance for every company. We recognized several years ago that the complexity of IT issues would increase significantly and, with Comp-Pro, we established our own partner network. Collectively, we already complement each other superbly with our existing business and employee profiles. Joining GBC Gruppe is for us a continuation of our path to complement professional competencies, and to further grow together", adds Ingo Langhans (Partner and Co-CEO of Comp-Pro).

Lars van ‘t Hoenderdaal, Managing Partner at Pride Capital Partners, emphasized that “GBC management has the capabilities to build a strong managed service group in the DACH region with a profitable and recurring business model. We are pleased to support GBC in this strategic acquisition, as well as any future acquisitions”.

About GBC Gruppe

GBC Gruppe is positioning itself in the SME sector by bringing together innovative and technologically oriented companies for the digitalization of medium-sized businesses. With 7 locations and more than 150employees, it is primarily positioned in the areas of Cloud &Infrastructure, Modern Work, Managed Services, Security, Data Protection &Compliance.

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