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Pride Capital supports Archipel Academy in the acquisition of Berlin based Quofox


Archipel Academy, one of the fastest growing EdTech companies based in the Netherlands and a leader in the fields of Learning & Development, announces the acquisition of Quofox. This acquisition is an important step in the ambition of Archipel Academy to expand to the German market.

Pride Capital invested in Archipel Academy in June 2022 to support their buy-and-build strategy. Quofox is the third acquisition since Pride Capital partnered up with Archipel Academy. One year ago Archipel joined forced with Edubookers (based in Eindhoven) and in February 2023 Conclusion Learning Centers(based in Utrecht) was acquired. The acquisition of Quofox is the first step outside The Netherlands, which fits perfectly in the strategy to scale the platform internationally.

"Archipel Academy, a pioneer in lifelong learning and innovation, is dedicated to maintaining a level playing field and fostering a significant global social impact. With the rapidly changing world due to digitalization and automation, we envision keeping individuals, teams, and organizations fit for the future," states Omar Fouab, CEO of Archipel Academy. "The acquisition of Quofox represents a crucial stride towards this goal. I am incredibly proud to welcome Quofox into our family. It's exceptional to encounter a company that aligns so closely with our culture, mission, and vision. I am particularly excited that we have in Nele Mletschkowsky, a person whose passion for lifelong learning resonates with ours, and who will drive our goals in the DACH region as the Managing Director DACH. Through our marketplace, we are making access to quality learning content possible, addressing the significant societal challenge posed by digitalization and automation."

Nele Mletschkowsky, former CEO of Quofox and current Managing Director of Archipel Academy in the DACH region, shares this enthusiasm. "We founded Quofox with the aim of creating a platform where millions of people and hundreds of companies worldwide can find everything they need for their individual, learner-centered development. It is our concern to give all people access to high-quality education and training to contribute to greater prosperity, equality, innovation, and growth in a digital world, in society as a whole, and in the economy. By joining forces with Archipel, we can make this a reality and establish ourselves as a strong partner for the constantly growing learning and development needs of companies."

Archipel Academy, known for its comprehensive, AI-powered learning platform, will collaborate with Quofox, which brings profound knowledge of the DACH market, to enhance and expand their service offerings. The combination of the strengths of both companies will lead to a synergy that promises an excellent service experience and puts the two companies in a stronger position in the market for learning and development solutions. The acquisition will contribute to expanding the product range and services and creating a unique learning environment for all customers.

Archipel Academy aims to become the largest educational marketplace in the DACH region within the next two years. The acquisition underlines Archipel Academy's priorities: striving for top-class experiences and creating a significant social impact. The top priority remains to ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders. In the course of these exciting new developments, Archipel Academy and Quofox will continue to maintain regular exchange and direct dialogue with all stakeholders. A series of personal meetings is planned in the coming months.

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