Pride Capital Partners invests in buy and build strategy of GBC Gruppe

GBC Gruppe is a managed services company located in Germany, with an active buy and build strategy. Tobias Geisinger (founder/CEO): “In Pride Capital Partners we have found a partner who brings the necessary skills and experiences to create something great together.“

GBC Gruppe in a nutshell

Founding year
> 40
Number of FTE

GBC Gruppe is a leading managed services provider

GBC Gruppe is founded by Pascal Bechtel and Tobias Geisinger. The company is executing a strategy to build a leading group of IT services companies in the DACH region. The investment from Pride Capital Partners will enable GBC Gruppe on its path to building a leading IT services group in the market with a clear focus on added customer value and the creation of a preferred place to work for talents. The main acquisition areas are Cloud & Infrastructure, Modern Work (offering applications to make work more efficient), IT Outsourcing (Managed Services) and IT Security.‍

Add-on acquisitions


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Tavga Khezer Lal

Office Manager