Pride Capital Partners invests in EasyTranslate and realized first Nordic investment

Danish company EasyTranslate, founded in 2010, has received € 2.75M investment from the Dutch Software & IT investor Pride Capital Partners. The funding coincides with the launch of an innovative integration of OpenAI that provides automated content and translation services. The new funds create room for further development of the new functionality and adds to the ambition of accelerating EasyTranslate’s organic growth. In addition, this strategic partnership enables EasyTranslate to grow its market share by realizing strategic acquisitions.

EasyTranslate in a nutshell

Founding year
Nordic investment by PCP

EasyTranslate and Pride Capital Partners will collaborate to build on the leading European platform for localization software

EasyTranslate, founded in 2010, offers a marketplace of freelance translators, soon also copywriters, and combines it with translation management software. With this set-up, the company can ultimately service its customers with a hybrid solution of scalable and user-friendly translation management software and fast delivery of high-quality translation services

Add-on acquisitions

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